We power nervous systems for the physical world with our IoT-HD technologies.

Edyza's Internet of Things with high density (IoT-HD) technology offers a new level of wireless sense and control to drive the advancement of IoT technology.


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Wireless Network

Much like how the human nervous system allows us to feel and respond to the world around us, Edyza's wireless network can act as the central nervous system for any physical structure. 

Thousands of sensors,
all connected,
all collecting real-time data.

Each Edyza node will collect thousands of real-time data to reach new levels of efficiency. Combined with our fog, edge, and cloud computing platform, our high-density deployment, will offer enough data to enable the next level of artificial intelligence for the Internet of Things.

Why high density?

The future is wireless

With more devices connecting and communicating wirelessly, the need to have reliable communication between thousands of devices in a contained area is vital for the future of wireless.

Granular data

By utilizing a large number of wireless sensors, it is now possible to collect granular data that can provide a more accurate representation of the environment within.

Energy efficient

Our network and sensors have been optimized to communicate with low throughput, low bandwidth, and low power to make an energy-efficient sensor made exactly for high-density deployment.

Utilizing Edyza's new radio design tuned for high-density deployment

More information?

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