Serviceable design

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Understanding all the use cases

At Edyza, new designs for the sensors and controllers, start with analyzing use cases. By using the research from the use cases, our product designer can create a practical and safe design to be placed in your environment.

Collecting data

Creating a serviceable design requires a lot of data to create the initial prototype. Information such as the location of the sensor or controller, the material used, to even the color all affect the look and feel of the design.


Measuring the sensor or controller to design a perfect fit ensures it will be held safely.


Picking the right material is important because certain materials react better within different environments.


Understanding where the sensor or controller will be located is important to know what environmental or human factors could affect it.

Manufacturing method

Knowing how to manufacture our design lets us create a scalable design from the start.

User serviceability

Verify if a user would have an easy time handling and placing the sensor or controller in their environment.

Color & Aesthetics

Blend the sensor or controller into the surrounding environment using color to reduce visibility.

Iterating over multiple designs

The initial design will usually go through multiple iterations. Requirements may change or there may be new use cases that weren't thought of before that can contribute to any changes. At Edyza, we try to test as often as possible and continue to innovate to create the best design. 

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