Smarter lights,
improved efficiency

High density wireless light control

Edyza offers a reliable and energy saving lighting solution with our wireless light controls network. Wireless protocols such as Zigbee a high density of wireless controllers in a network of lights becomes saturated with network management issues, becoming less reliable and further increasing power consumption issues. Edyza's wireless protocol is tuned for high density and energy efficiency so you can achieve your energy savings goals and improve the overall customer and client experience.

Industry light control solutions

Office Building

From rooms, hallways, and stairwells, to car parks and outdoor seating office buildings need plenty of adequate lighting. Edyza's sensors and controls can create a high density network of lights that cater to your employees, boosting satisfaction and productivity while saving energy.


To provide sufficient lighting for your grow, using controls that learn and adjust to your environment will offer the best plant growth production. With Edyza, the lights in your greenhouse can adjust to the environment around it to control plant growth while being energy efficient. 

Retail Stores

Whether it's a grocery or clothing store, creating a pleasant lighting experience can improve the shopper's experience. With Edyza, you'll be able to control your lights to highlight certain areas or products. Combined with our sensors your lights will be able to learn from your shoppers to automatically create the best shopping experience.

The next stage of efficiency

Edyza's wireless light controllers are more reliable and energy efficient than other wireless light controllers. Using the Edyza wireless network, the controllers are specifically tuned to live in high density, which means the amount of lights used with the controllers can easily scale while still be energy efficient. 

Gain valuable insight through real-time data

Combined with our Edyza sensors, you'll be gaining a multitude of data points each day to analyze your environment. These data points include temperature, air pressure, humidity, etc. that will enable spatial analysis. Additionally, by utilizing the sensor data in our fog computing architecture, your lights can be controlled through machine learning.

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