Prototyping in a live environment

Maximize learning

Using Edyza's light controller in a real world environment offered a unique opportunity to collect and analyze critical data. As a result, Edyza refined their light controller to be ready for deployment.

Real world testing

To gain momentum and attention we pushed to deploy our light controllers in a real world environment early for testing. The benefit was not only showing how our controllers work, but that they were ready for real use.


Through testing we learned the best way to install the Edyza light controllers. Showing how easy it is to provision and install our controllers was made possible through the testing we did in a live environment.

Power outage prepared

By using a real world environment to test, we refined our light controller to stay functioning properly even if the power were to go out.

Iterating multiple versions

Edyza light controllers went through three different versions. Each one tested in a real world environment that helped our engineers learn how to refine the light controllers. By version 3, we created a more efficient and production ready controller in a matter of months.